The Science

Safebrain System is a unique technological advancement in the field of studying and understanding brain trauma injuries. It works in two separate parts; the C.I.A. sensor to be mounted on the helmet of an athlete, and the Safebrain System software to allow in-depth analysis of any event, as well as calibrate, customize and tailor each C.I.A. sensor to each specific athlete.

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Concussions are serious traumatic head injuries that occur from both mild and severe blows to the head. Some head injuries may appear to be mild, but recent research is finding that concussions can have serious, long-term effects, especially repeat head injuries or cumulative concussions. A concussion is typically caused by a severe head trauma during which the brain moves violently within the skull.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How/where is the sensor placed on an athlete?

A: Our patented C.I.A. sensor must be placed on the head of the athlete. With supplied special double-sided adhesive, the sensor is firmly attached to the helmet. This provides the most accurate measurements, as well as being the most visible location so that training staff can easily see if the LED indicator light is illuminated.

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