“When I heard about SafeBrain and how it has applied today’s technology toward measuring and monitoring forces to the head during play, I wanted to be involved. I intuitively feel we will gain valuable information and discover new prevention and management strategies”.  – Rich Campbell. Athletic Trainer/Strength & Conditioning Coach on the Portland Winterhawks

“After being introduced to SafeBrain at the College Hockey Coaches Convention, I had a very difficult time trying to discover the negatives associated with this product. I was surprised at the small size of the sensor and its capability to determine such valuable information. SafeBrain is essentially another set of eyes on the ice monitoring our players safety.  The safety of our student athletes is of utmost importance because these young men are planning their professions and building their future beyond the game of hockey at Arizona State University.  With the severity of head injuries in hockey, SafeBrain was a very easy decision for our program.”   – ASU Head Coach Greg Powers

“As a coach of AAA minor hockey program I was very excited to see what SafeBrain was all about. After testing the product in a National Tournament we were thrilled with the results. Having the ability to track the G-force for each hit on each player was remarkable. The information is going to be vital in concussion management.  There were a couple times when a player came off the ice after a hit or play with the indication light flashing. We were able to quickly assess the player and make an informed decision.”  – Aaron Nelson, Hockey Coach