The Science

Safebrain System is a unique technological advancement in the field of studying and understanding brain trauma injuries. It works in two separate parts; the C.I.A. sensor to be mounted on the helmet of an athlete, and the Safebrain System software to allow in-depth analysis of any event, as well as calibrate, customize and tailor each C.I.A. sensor to each specific athlete.

Safe Brain was developed by Rod Newlove, and after early stages of development sought the advice of Dr. Martin Mrazik of the University of Alberta. Dr. Mrazik is a long-standing member of the College of Alberta Psychologists, the Canadian Psychological Association and the American Psychological Association.  Dr. Mrazik has been working with athletes who have suffered from concussions for 14 years and has been a consultant for the National Hockey League and Canadian Football League since 2004. He is currently working with Edmonton Minor Hockey teams to implement concussion management programs and provide clinical services to young athletes. The Safebrain System is an integral part of current and future studies of brain trauma injuries in sports.

Dr. Mrazik is overseeing trial tests, and has provided his assistance in setting the appropriate levels for the C.I.A. sensors. It is an incredible asset to tap into Dr. Mrazik’s knowledge with his renowned work in the sports concussion field.

The C.I.A. sensor was designed to be small in order to insure compatibility with a wide range of athletic helmets. The sensor is approximately the size of a quarter. Even at this incredible size, the C.I.A. sensor contains a complex and reliable patented 3-axis accelerometer, based on a powerful 16-bit microprocessor. The C.I.A. sensor contains a data-logger and real-time clock to provide time-stamped “G” force-readings.

When used properly, the C.I.A. sensor can notify training staff of an athlete who has sustained an impact that could potentially have caused a traumatic head injury. The C.I.A. sensor is not a medical device, and cannot prevent an initial injury, however, when used correctly, it does decrease the chance of an athlete continuing to play through a concussion.

Modifying C.I.A. sensor notifications and logging set-points are done via the Safebrain System software.